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From PW: “Shall I compare thee to a clenched-up fist?” asks one of the lines in this poetic guide to the human body, which invokes Shakespearean themes, to boot. The “thee,” in this case, is the heart muscle, which is actually “more gloppy, shaped more like a cone,” readers learn. In poems like “Wherefore Art Thou, Alveoli” and “Good Riddance to Bad Blood,” Bulion blends highbrow humor and scientific information while paying tribute to the nose, pancreas, skin, and more. In scrapbook-style spreads, Lowery offers an entertaining mix of cartoony humans and disembodied organs, which are accompanied by close-up photographic images of various organs.
Supplemental information about the anatomical subjects and the poetic forms Bulion uses appear throughout, making this a smart pick for left- and right-brained readers alike.

Miller Sanford, an engaging eleven year old science whiz tries to show his parents he's responsible enough to enjoy the town fair without parental supervision, but events conspire against him. Instead of a freewheeling fair day, Miller is drawn into a mishap-filled fair day he never imagined, involving a string of tag-along first graders, lemon meringue pie, witch pumpkins and flying death heads!
Peachtree Publishers
isbn 9781561456345
256 pages
August 2012

AT THE SEA FLOOR CAFE is 2012 Bank Street College Best Book!!
Also a Pennsylvania School Librarians Association TOP 40!

Raucous poems in a variety of forms highlight newly discovered denizens of the deep. Spot-on science information combines with language arts to create this engaging poetry collection.

Nadie and Nick find fourth grade full of
unruly pencils, pillbugs, potatoes,
and peer pressure
in my novel
2008 (Peachtree Publishing)

Now in paperback, too!

HEY THERE, STINK BUG! is a beautifully illustrated collection of gruesome insect poetry.
(Charlesbridge 2006)

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A seaside adventure and Bank Street Best Book 2007
(Peachtree 2006)
Also in paperback

Young Fatuma and her Mama meet friendly vendors, sample East African chai, buy kanga cloth and learn a wonderful life-lesson on their trip to the market.